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Nicklas Steve Addison / +447035972087
Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Well isn't this precious...a stranger claiming to be from London is emailing strangers in the United States claiming he needs a qualified caregiver for his 'two little kids.' The sender only starts his message with Hello and doesn't include the recipient's name. It's the equivalent of 'Dear Sir/Ma,' and you all know how we feel about THAT: it's the smell of phish.

It never ceases to amaze us how scammers will come up with the sorriest stories to try and fool you. By plucking at your heartstrings about how he needs help with his two little children and asking for someone who's humble and God fearing, he's hoping to convince you his motives are honorable. He tells you he's a banker so you'll think he's well-off.

What do you think he's going to do with that copy of your resume and your passport he asks for? We'll tell you: he's going to steal your identity! It's highly likely this a money transfer/mule scam. Often what happens is they send you bogus funds over and above what your pay is. They ask you to take out all but the amount you're supposed to get paid and wire transfer the rest to someone else. The someone else is usually a fictional character: the mover, a business partner, the dog groomer...you get the idea. You're actually sending that money to the scammer, and after you do, you're in for a big surprise when the bank reverses that deposit. Especially if you went on a shopping spree with your first "paycheck."

Anyway, imagine what kind of crackhead parent would you have to be to recruit a nanny for your children in this manner. Crazy phishers!
Message text:
From: Nicklas Steve Addison <nicklassteveaddison @ gmail.com>
To: [removed]
Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 4:11 AM

I am Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison, a 43 years parent with two  little kids in london.
I am a banker working with one of the small bank here in london.

I am looking for a qualified caregiver/housekeeper or qualified  personal individual
who will be able to be looking after my two little kids in my home when I am off to
work. my present caregiver will be resigning her post soon so due to the nature of
my job, I would be needing someone to take over from her.

 I need a caregiver whether female or male that is homely, caring, experience,
humble and also God fearing that can take a very good care of my kid in my absents.
The basic occupation salary is GBP600.00 Pounds per week and the contract duraction
will be two years renewable.  kindly email me back or call  +447035972087 in regards
to this offer.I will be very grateful if I can get a positive reply from you and do
not forget to give me your full details with your CV and passport copy as soon as
possible or give me a call so that I can direct you on necessary requirements for
the job.

Best regards,
Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison.

None reported.
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Onena   |2010-11-08 02:01:03
yup.. just got an email from him moments ago and since it was so Phishy , i googled his number and he's quite a famous guy... I hope he and his team get caught.. I fear for those they whom they'll fool..
malisa   |2010-11-16 02:04:48
Hoping that this is true.
Anonymous  - NOT TRUE   |2010-11-27 16:36:43
Malisa, this is a bogus offer, so no, it's not true. Scammers like using the names of famous people, whether it's the entire name or just pieces. The goal is to sound/read/seem English speaking. Don't fall for it!
shirley nuguid  - scam   |2011-01-13 23:05:35
me too got aan email from him, i was about to send him the requirements when i thought of searching for him first, and i prove to myself that he is really a scam!
junko  - HELP!!!!   |2011-03-16 10:34:12
i gave him my passport oh my gosh!!! i just knew his a scammer!!! what can i do???

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