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Western Financial Consultants (WFC) Inc.
Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Spelling errors, inconsistencies in company name, responsibilities include reconciliation/billing, targeting English-speaking countries...need we go on? Okay, how about the fact that their sites were registered just this month?

Bottom line: not only is it a money transfer/mule scam, but it's SPAM. It's the DEFINITION of spam. Bulk email with no opt-out. Just because they did a few things right, doesn't mean you should discount the things they did wrong!

Money transfer/mule scams will hurt you. Not only will you lose the money they give you to deposit, but you will lose it twice: first when you withdraw and wire transfer all but what they tell you to keep, and again when the bank reverses the transaction. What else will you lose? Access to your bank account if the bank thinks you're in on it. Your identity, when they sell it to all their scammy friends. The only thing you stand to GAIN in this picture is a criminal record, which is definitely not going to improve your job prospects.

Convinced now?
Message text:
To: Job Applicant,

My name is Richard Nichols, and Im an Employment Counselor specialist at WFC INC, the countrys premier(US), financial analysis service provider.

Our company, Western Financial Consultants (WFC) offers you to pass our job application process to be a part of our successful company providing wide range of financial analysis, consulting, insurance services. We have opened two vacancies waiting for your attention.

This is an invitation to job interview for the vacancy num. 48 primary(secondary 47). To start you should apply for this opportunity at our page for employees www .westerncns.com/register

Full-Time/Part-Time: Part-Time
Open Vacancy: Part-time
Vacancy number: 48 Posting Date: 07 /03 /10
Vacancy category: Accounting services/Regional Representative
Salary: $8 - $13/hour based on geography and experience. $ 1,000 - $ 1,500 per month
Required Location: United States or UK/EU/Australia (without relocation, work from home)

Primary responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, data entry of AP, matching and coding of invoices, light reconciliation work and ad hoc projects. This position will be reporting directly to the controller. All applicants applying for United States, UK, EU, Australia job openings must be authorized to work in the United States or UK/EU/Australia. This position has an option to work from home.

Responsibilities: Matching and coding of invoices Manage billing processes Record, classify, and summarize financial transactions and events

Please use the following address which will redirect your to our website www .westerncns.com
Go to Vacancies or Registration www .westerncns.com/register page to start your online application if you meet our requirements.

Qualifications: Computer data entry experience skills. Bachelor's degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university or higher. Experience: Basic MS Excel, Basic MS Word, Basic data enty

Looking forward for your application,

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or send a reply.

Richard Nichols
Human Resources Department
WFC -W estern Financial Consultants
Phone: +1-206-339-0922 Mon - Fri from 08:00 - 17:00 ( 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST).
Personal Email: support @ wfconsults.com

X-AOL-UID: 3088.2164245058
X-AOL-DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010  6:01:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Return-Path: <manager @ wfconsults.com>
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[]) by air-mb02.mail.aol.com (v129.4) with ESMTP id
MAILINMB021-a18f4c4ffff3a7; Wed, 28 Jul 2010 06:01:23 -0400
Received: from qmail-wm-norm-0.netfirms.com (wm-norm-6.netfirms.com
    by mtain-mh08.r1000.mx.aol.com (Internet Inbound) with SMTP id
    for [removed]; Wed, 28 Jul 2010 06:01:23 -0400 (EDT)
Received: (qmail 21569 invoked from network); 28 Jul 2010 10:01:23 -0000
Received: from unknown (
  by TCPLOCALHOST with QMQP; 28 Jul 2010 10:01:23 -0000
Received: from
        (SquirrelMail authenticated user manager @ wfconsults.com)
        by webmail.wfconsults.com with HTTP;
        Wed, 28 Jul 2010 06:01:22 -0400 (EDT)
<3163. @ webmail.wfconsults.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 06:01:22 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: WFC Job Application
From: manager @ wfconsults.com
To: [removed]
User-Agent: SquirrelMail/1.4.4
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X-AOL-SPF: domain : wfconsults.com SPF : none

WHOIS westerncns.com:
(Courtesy: http://whois.domaintools.com/westerncns.com)
Registrant: (Site owner is hiding behind) Domain Privacy Group Inc.
c/o westerncns.com,
  7030 Woodbine Ave. Suite 800
  Markham, ON L3R 6G2
Registrar of Record: Netfirms Inc.
  Record expires on 2011-07-05.
  Record created on 2010-07-05.
  Database last updated on 2010-07-28 10:06:22.
ICANN Registrar:
Created: 2010-07-05
Expires: 2011-07-05
Updated: 2010-07-28
IP Address:
IP Location: Canada - Ontario - Markham - Netfirms Inc
Domain Status: Registered And Active Website

WHOIS wfconsults.com:
(Courtesy: http://whois.domaintools.com/wfconsults.com)
Same as details for westerncns.com.
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Anonymous   |2010-08-06 13:14:14
I almost fell for it. Mapquest can't find a company by that name in Provo, UT, either. According to manta.com, there is a company by that name registered in Provo at a different address, and it is registered as a "Theme Park, Amusement" company. Whoever they are, they need to go to jail.
Anonymous   |2010-08-13 11:51:05
I almost got sucked into it as well. I should have known not to respond to anything found in my spam box. Thankfully I found this information before I went any further. I can only hope that the information I did send is not enought to cause problems.
Anonymous   |2010-08-13 19:13:25
Well I sent my bank Information any suggestions on what I should do.
John  - Talk to your bank   |2010-08-13 21:57:10
Anonymous who gave the banking info:

You should go down to your branch and let them know what's happened. You might be able to set up monitoring of your account. You'll probably need to think about closing this account and starting a new one, which means if you have anything set up to come out automatically or go in automatically, it could be a bit of a pain. But better safe than sorry, right?
Anonymous   |2010-08-16 08:22:16
i thought it was legit until the part where they ask for a scan of your driver's license. so i did a google search of their address, and the only thing near it is some storage sheds across the street. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1150+W+Center+St+%23121,+Provo,+UT+84605&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=1150+W+Center+St,+Provo,+UT+84601&gl=us&ei=G2VpTL7RMZqKnAeQ8rXBBQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA

mega scam.
Anonymous   |2010-08-23 23:28:44
To Anonymous who gave the banking info:

You should close the account right away and explain it to the bank, they'll understand.

I'm assuming you also applied and got "hired".

My question: is there any opt out on how to erase the info we placed in their site? Thanks.
Anonymous   |2010-08-23 23:32:46
Any advices on how to delete the infos placed on their site? It seems that their site does not have any opt out option.

Would identity theft be possible with the resume that was submitted to them?


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