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Worthington International Solution LTD, aka Fort Global Solution
Thursday, 23 September 2010
The money mule recruiters are taking a new tactic, probably since so many of you are now savvier about checking job offers that land in your Inbox. Now they start by sending a really general email with a generic job description. The only tangible job duties involve preparing summary and weekly financial reports and checking email three times per day.

After the job seeker replies asking for more information, this particular job scammer writes the most long-winded message we've ever seen! Fortunately, we didn't have to read too far into it to discover it was just another money mule scam with the usual cash-payments-at-your-bank and wire-transfer-the-balance-after-commission lines. These guys start off calling themselves Worthington International Solution LTD, which morphs into Fort Global Solution later.

These activities are criminal. Some banks don't have mercy anymore and warn people, since for all they know, YOU'RE the scammer, trying to rip THEM off. The FBI is busting money mules in an attempt to educate the public. No joke. This is not a legitimate job, and anyone that asks you to cash payments at your bank and wire transfer all but your commission is either a) out to steal YOUR money, or b) laundering stolen funds through you. No matter which way you slice it, it's Big Trouble.
Original message text:
> From: Karen Morales [/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/compose.php
>       ?send_to=candidateemail @ site.careerbuilder.com]
> Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 2:02 AM
> To: [removed]
> Subject: CareerBuilder: You have a new message
> Importance: High
> cid:image003.gif @ 01CA3E78.A0B08100
> cid:image005.gif @ 01CA3E78.A0B08100
> Hello,
> Hope this email will find you at your best.
> I came across your resume on Careerbuilder and I am contacting you in regards
> to an excellent job opportunity. Your skill sets and experiences appear to align
> well with the position I am looking to fill.
> I've attached the job description details below. Please take a look and let me
> know if you would be interested in pursuing this further.
> Job Description & Requirements
> Check e-mail three times per day.
> Preparing brief summary reports, and weekly financial reports.
> Proficiency in using Microsoft Office.
> Good communication skills in English (both verbal and written)
> Possess well interpersonal skills.
> Self-motivated and capable of working independently.
> US Citizen, GC Holder
> We offer
> Salary plus commissions: $85,000-$95,000 per year
> 401(k) plan
> Employment type: full-time/part-time
> If you interested, planning to make a change, or know of a friend who might
> have the required qualifications and interest, please email me. In considering
> candidates, time is of the essence, so please reply to this email ASAP.
> Thank you.
> Note:  I chose to contact you because your resume had been posted to one of
> the Internet job sites to which we subscribe. If you are not currently seeking
> employment, or if you would prefer I contact you at some later date, please
> indicate your date of availability so that I may honor your request. If you are not
> interested in receiving our e-mails then please reply with a "REMOVE" in the
> subject line. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.
> Hiring Department
> You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded
> your resume on CareerBuilder. If your employment status has changed or you
> no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and
> communication preferences from your resume by logging onto
> CareerBuilder.com or you can block this employer from viewing your resume
> and sending you candidate emails.
> This email was sent from Account ID F893KIO989343KOA2 and by this logged
> in User OKDYW93499 You are currently subscribed to receive
> "CareerBuilder.com Customer Messages".
> © CareerBuilder.com 5550-A Peachtree Parkway, Suite 200 | Norcross GA
> 30092

Message text after job seeker requested more info:
From: Karen Morales [/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/compose.php
      ?send_to=smartpayreg @ aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 6:08 AM
To: [removed]
Subject: RE: [1] CareerBuilder: You have a new message
Importance: High

Hello [removed],

I recently reviewed your resume on Careerbuilder, and I'm very impressed with your background.

Below is the job description along with a brief introduction of our company.

Worthington International Solution LTD was established in 1996, and is now one of the UK's leading distributors of branded consumer electronics. The company enjoys success in the home and overseas markets, supplying a vast range of items which expands over 5000 product lines; that includes calculators, blank media, batteries, watches, telecommunications, personal care, and domestic appliances, audio & video products/accessories.

We are wholesalers for all major electronics manufacturers, including Casio, Franklin, JVC, Olympus, Panasonic, Philips, Seiko, Sharp, Sony, TDK, Uniross, Wahl and more.

Our ambition is to meet our customer's demands wherever, or whoever they may be, and offer the widest choice of products at the best possible prices. We base our success not only on price competitiveness, but also on the quality of service we offer.


- No fees needed to get this job.
- No one at  Worthington International Solution LTD will ask for your sensitive info.
- You are not involved in any sales.
- Everything is legal under EU/USA and International laws.

Your tasks are:

1. Receive payment from our customers. All check will be written in your name. All checks are US checks, no international.
2. Cashing the checks at your existing bank account.
3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on each payment processed.
4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to. (Payment is to be forwarded by Western Union Money Transfer).

You will receive 10% for every check processed in the first month. Within one month after receiving the first check you will get an extra $1,000 if you will manage to cash checks in a timely manner, also this bonus includes Internet bill, phone bill, gas/bus tickets. We will support all bills you have to pay for your Internet and cell phone. PLEASE NOTE: This bonus will apply after one month starting the day you will receive the first check.
After two months of working with us, a secondary bonus will apply. You will get 15% from all our sales. If everything works as we will expect and it will, you will be able to do up to $1200 - $1300 per week + the bonus of $1,000 every month.
Bonuses regarding, cashing checks are as follow:
a) Cash the check same day and you will receive a bonus of $150 for each check cashed.
b) Cash the check within 24 hours and you will receive a bonus of $100.
c) Cash the check within 48 hours and you will receive a bonus of $50

The salary will be paid to the Representative by cashier check.

The today's situation on the financial market requires us to open and fill several of these job positions within our company; the job opening is that of a Representative within the US. This opening will help our company to reduce the time it takes to receive funding from orders that we receive each month. And we offer you one of the highest incomes on the market today and the minimal expenditures of time.

Presently with the number of orders we have we cannot put them on hold for fear of losing our customers, secondly we cannot cash these payments from the US soon enough, as international checks take about 28 working days to cash anywhere in Europe. We lose a lot of time and money each month because we have money transfer delays. Our clients could pay us where we want by sending checks to an US address. What we need you to do is to provide us an address where you can receive our customer checks. We need someone who can receive the money through this method of payment. Regarding the check process all you have to do is to receive the checks our customers will send to your address, take them to your bank, cash them and send the remainder amount to us after deducting all fees incurred and your commission. All fees for transferring the funds will be supported from our share. Bonuses will apply for cashing checks within 24 hours upon receiving a check. You will always take your commission upfront.

We make direct contact for sales of products. Once orders are received and processed we deliver the product to our customer (usually through USPS). The customer receives and checks the product and proceeds to send the payment. We accept all forms of payment but most of our customers pay using Bank Checks and so to solve this problem and not lose any of our customers we have decided to open this new job position. This job is legal according to the U.S. legislation as it is today. Local money transfers take but a few hours, so it will give us a possibility to get customer's payment almost immediately.


For example you receive a check as payment for 3000.00 USD, you deduct your commission (10%): 300.00 USD and then send to us the balance: 2700.00 USD. In the first month you will receive around 15-20 orders under 3,000.00 USD to process and after checking your performance records during that first month the orders you will receive, may increase from 3,000.00 upwards to 6,000.00 USD. For example 20 transactions each around 3000.00 USD gives you a total income of 6,000.00 USD per month and after establishing a close co-operation with us you'll be able to operate with larger orders and you'll be able to earn more. You will also deduct fees that are related to this job (gasoline, western union fees, bank commissions, etc) from our balance, not from your commissions. At first the checks you will receive will vary from: $500.00 to $3,000.00. We will also send you a 1099 Form for tax deduction on your part. Our payments will be issued out in your name and you can have them cashed in your existing bank account, we don't accept newly created bank accounts because it slows the cashing process. Deduct your percentage and forward the balance to the company attorney manager via a western union money transfer, the name will be given to you later after cashing a payment. This job takes only 3-7 hours per week. You'll have a lot of free time for taking up another job; you'll get good income and a regular job. This job is very challenging and you should understand it. We are looking only for the employee who satisfies our requirements and will be an earnest assistant.

We have health insurance and the 401K retirement savings plan as well as all the other standard benefits that a major company usually provides. Unfortunately we can only start talking about this after the first month has passed since you're working for us. We consider the first month as a trial period. In any case you do not have to pay for anything in advance; there are no hidden costs for performing this job. Any fee you might encounter will be deducted from our share of the funds before you send it to us.

You will receive next instructions step by step.


This depends of how many checks you will receive but it won't take more than 2 hours to deposit the check and send an e-mail when the check arrives to you. Also when checks arrive we will send you further instructions and all details to complete the process with Western Union.

Unfortunately we cannot setup any interviews now, as we do not have any representatives in US. We will be able to come to meet within the next few months when the new offices will be opened in your area!

Please let me know if you are still interested and I will ask you some questions. Within 24 hours after we will receive this information we will forward you a copy of the contract you have to fill in, sign and e-mail back to us.

Karen Morales

Senior Corporate Recruiter
Fort Global Solution
Stag Place, London, SW1E
United Kingdom
Fax 210 800 8857

Note: We respect your on-line privacy. This is not an unsolicited mail. Under Bill 1618 Title III passed by the 105th US Congress and International Laws this mail cannot be considered Spam since we include contact information and a method to be removed from our mailing list. If you are not interested in receiving our e-mails then please reply with a "REMOVE" in the subject line. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.
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